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Design Fee: £395Client Budget: £950

Sheffield, England

Warm White & Green Hallway

Design Fee: £395Client Budget: £2,760

Walton on Thames, England

Statement Entrance Hall

Design Fee: £395Client Budget: £2,550

Stow on Wold, England

Fresh and Neutral Hallway

Design Fee: £395Client Budget: £461

Bournemouth, England

Rock 'n Roll Hallway

Design Fee: £395Client Budget: £1,120

Oxford, England

Welcoming Hallway With Plenty of Storage

Design Fee: £395Client Budget: £3,792

Havering, England

Hallway & Landing with statement chandelier

Design Fee: £395Client Budget: £1,154

Manchester, England

Cloakroom and Dog Washing Station

Design Fee: £395Client Budget: £947

Southwark, England

Classic & Elegant Brass Hallway

Design Fee: £395Client Budget: £2,141

Tower Hamlets, England

Beautiful Modern & Stylish Monochrome & Brass Hallway


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Your Hallway Design Questions Answered

Hallways are so often forgotten or left to the end of a renovation and we feel this is a crime! Your hallway is the welcoming hug you get when you return home and it sets the tone for your guests on what to expect from the rest of the house.

You can create so much intrigue with your hallway design as it winds its way to your other rooms. We’re here to show you how.

Hallways at home are very rarely majestic and spacious places! They are typically narrow, taking up as little space as possible so as not to steal it from the other rooms you spend the most time in.

Because of this, it’s best to avoid adding in any furniture where possible. If you really do want to include a hallway table or chair then opt for one with legs as it will help to make the room feel larger - this is because your eye can see through it.

Mirrors are made for hallways! Not only are they practical for double checking your face before you leave but they also bounce light around the room and can trick the eye into thinking it’s wider than it really is.

You might think that small narrow rooms (i.e. the definition of a hallway!) should be painted all in white to make them feel wider. This often has the opposite effect though. As hallways don’t often have much natural light - white can end up looking and feeling very flat and….boring.

As we say to our clients; sometimes you have to just embrace the small and cosy vibe and go dark. A warm and calming deep blue or green could be the perfect colour to welcome you into your home and ease you into the evening after a hard day at work.

A dark hallway can also mean that when you walk from it into a large, bright open plan space you have a real wow moment as everything opens up.

Find out more about our design packages for hallways here.

Wallpaper is ideal for hallways and so we love adding them to a hallway through a funky or floral wallpaper option. But not only because it creates a wow moment when you walk through the door.

Similarly to when thinking about what colour to choose for your hallway, think about the fact that wallpapers actually add depth as your eye is tricked into thinking there is something beyond it.

Also, a patterned wallpaper with a few complementary tones can be the perfect colour palette inspiration for the rest of your home. You can pick out the different hues from the wallpaper and dot them round the house either on the walls or as accent colours. This can really help to create a cohesive design scheme for your whole house. It all starts with the hallway!

Ideally, if you have another room like a utility room or a coat closet this would be perfect for keeping coats, shoes and other bits and bobs from cluttering an already small room.

However, needs must! If you can - try to only hang up coats that get used pretty much every day - there’s no need to navigate around your winter coat to leave the house in June. Regularly check what’s hanging there and do a clear out.

If possible, try to factor in concealed storage like under your stairs. That way you don’t have to step around it. Adding in a recessed bench is also wonderful as it gives you a spot to sit and put on your shoes.

Narrow shelves can also be useful - they keep your floor space clear but give you enough space to pop your keys and even display some art or photos and a pretty succulent.

To get our expert help to design your hallway, find out more here.

Did you know that your hallway can be so much more than just a room to get to other rooms?!

In smaller homes we look for any nook or cranny to use and hallways and landings very often are the answers to our prayers! Think creatively and look at your hallway in a different light - could you add a desk to that space under the stairs perhaps to create a home office option? Or maybe a cosy armchair and a floor lamp on your landing would make an ideal reading nook?

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